Our Mission

Missionaries of God's Love carry an anxiety in our hearts that does not rest until the Word of God is present in our brothers and sisters. Our mission consists of accompanying those individuals or families who wish to know the church better, grow in faith and discover their vocation of service through an itinerary of life, prayer and community service.

The doctrinal and spiritual formation of the laity is increasingly urgent in today’s society. The constant distractions offered by advertising and other means of communication challenge the Christian to: Make the effort to strengthen their Christian principles or go with the flow of a self-centered and self-sufficient life.

Catholic Secular Society of Missionaries of God's Love

Pray with us

“Be there, silent. See that He looks at you, accompany Him and speak and ask and treat yourself with Him. Ask Him to always please Him because everything good has come from Him”.

St. Teresa of Jesus

Pray is loving

Orar es Amar


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