The missionaries of God’s Love carry an urgency in their heart that does not rest until the Word of God is present in the hearts of our brothers and sisters. Our mission is to accompany spiritually those individuals or families who wish to know the Catholic Church, grow in faith and discover their vocation of service through an itinerary of life, prayer and community service.

The doctrinal and spiritual formation of the laity (men and women) is increasingly urgent in today’s society. The constant distractions that come from advertising and other media challenge Christians to either consciously strengthen their Christian principles or let them be led by the flow of a self-centered, self-sufficient life.

Mission of the Society of Missionaries of God’s Love, in three dimensions:

1. Introduction to Discipleship

This program of spiritual accompaniment consists of a series of six themes of personal reflection, designed for those who are willing to sort out their concerns and learn to dialogue with Jesus from the heart. At the end of this program, participants have the opportunity to discern the possibility of joining the Society’s internal program of spiritual and doctrinal formation.

2. Spiritual and Doctrinal Formation

This training program is designed for those individuals who identify with the spirit and mission of the Society of Missionaries of God’s Love, and wish to strengthen their spiritual life through the internal program of formation of the society, which consists in the following stages:

• Postulancy

• Candidacy

• Missionary Promise

3. Specific Missions

“The fundamental objective of the formation of the lay faithful is an ever-clearer discovery of one’s vocation and the ever-greater willingness to live it so as to fulfill one’s mission.” (CHRISTIFIDELES LAICI, 58).

All the Missionaries of God’s Love have the duty to bear witness to their faith through a specific mission which, illuminated by the teachings of the Gospel and the Catholic Church, contributes to living by the Christian values within the family , the community of faith and in society.

  • Parish Mission: Formation of small missionary communities in the parishes, with the due permission of the local ecclesial authority, to strengthen the faith and spirituality of the person and promote community service through the parish ministries (Liturgy, Sacraments, Visit to the sick, etc.)
  • Specific Mission: Each one of the participants in the program of formation of the missionary society is guided, to confirm or to discover their charism and put it at the service of others.

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