About us

The Catholic Secular Society of Missionaries of God’s Love, with the approval/blessing from the Diocese of Calgary, is a Active- Contemplative Community founded by lay women and men called to serve Jesus Christ by promoting the vocation of the Laity towards God.

Moved by the Love of Christ and strengthened by the Holy Eucharist, we carry out a life of disciplined prayer and a program of doctrinal and spiritual formation that inspires us to be a reflection of God’s Love in the Family, Community of Faith and Society.

“In the way of your instructions lies my joy, a joy beyond all wealth. I will ponder your precepts and fix my gaze on your paths. I find my delight in your will, I do not forget your words. Be generous to your servant and I shall live, and shall keep your words. Open my eyes and I shall fix my gaze on the wonders of your Law. Wayfarer though I am on the earth, do not hide your commandments from me.” Psalm 119, 14-19.


The Missionaries of God’s Love, taking Jesus Christ as the model of being a true spiritual companion, guide those individuals who want to deepen their faith and follow a path of spiritual growth, in imitation of Christ.


“I shall give you a new heart, and put a new spirit in you; I shall remove the heart of stone from your bodies and give you a heart of flesh instead. I shall put my spirit in you, and make you keep my laws, and respect and practice my judgments.” Ezekiel 36, 26-27.

Our spirituality is an itinerary towards God that takes shape as we abandon ourselves in the hands of God. In our dialogue with Christ, the words of St. Teresa of Jesus come to life: “I would not wish for another prayer, but the one which makes me grow in virtues.”

The means that help us live out our spirituality are:

  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Continuous meditation of the Holy Scriptures (Lectio Divina)
  • Conscious and active participation in the liturgy
  • Teachings of St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the Cross

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Ph: +1 403-800-6108            info@misioneroslaicos.org